German Used Tires: Many years of experience exporting used tires worldwide

German Used Tires is specialized in the purchase and sale of used tires for the wholesale market. The German company was founded back in 1988 by Jens Blaes. Today, it is one of the oldest exporters of used tires in Germany. Small, medium sized and major customers all over the world buy used tires from us because they want tires of the best quality at fair prices.

With our corporate location in Frankfurt am Main, we are located in close proximity to the Frankfurt International Airport, one of the most important commercial hubs in the world. Thanks to our reliable shipping partners with whom we have been working for a long time, we can deliver your order on time and cost-effectively to your door. Feel free to organize your transport by yourself or to pick up your container at your port. Customers from all over the world trust our service.


“As a Germany company, it is especially important to me that you get the exact quality and count of used tires that you ordered. You are cordially invited to visit us and convince yourself that we provide you the highest quality of used tires”



We guarantee high quality and reliable service

Jens Blaes is the owner of German Used Tires Co. Through his many years of experience in the used tire business, he always provides the right selection of tires so that he can also guarantee the best quality. After this many years in the tire business, German Used Tires profits from a large and reliable network of retail partners. That is the only reason German Used Tires is able to offer not only the best quality in used tires at fair prices but also reliable service when it comes to delivery of the tires.

Have we been able to convince you? Then please contact us for further discussion or for a specific offer so that you will be in a position to buy your next allocation of used tires from German Used Tires.